Mitsumata Branches Decorative Branches

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Options: Case of 12 Bunches - 4 Feet
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Bleached Mitsumata Branches
Mitsumata branches are a beautiful branch. Most often seen in vases in home entry way arrangements and corner arrangements. These mitsumata branches bark has been removed and they have been bleach to give them a very smooth fee and creamy white color. They are very appealing to the eye and will give texture and depth to a room. Mitsumata branches can also be used in event centerpieces such as weddings, parties, charity events. Try some of our Mitsumata branches today. They have been dried and cared for with the highest level of care possible. You will love your new arrangement these branches can make for you.


Stems: 3 stems per bunch
Type: Bleached Mitsumata branches
Color:  Off White / Bleach White
Length: 4 feet or 5 feet
Buy a Case and Save: 12 bunches per case

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