Natural Cotton Bolls (Cotton Balls)

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Cotton Bolls
Cotton Bolls are mother natures natural cotton balls. They are great to put on branches to create Cotton stalks (cotton branches).  They also can be put in any decorative bowl or vase or used in any craft project for a great look and cotton feel. We are happy to be able to offer a bag filled with 15 natural cotton bolls for your decorating and crafting needs. These cotton bolls can also be attached to a thin bamboo skewer and added to dried or fresh floral displays. So off the wonderful textures and colors of nature by adding cotton bolls to your next dried floral or grain display.

Product: Cotton Bolls
Type: Natural Cotton Bolls
Color: Natural White
Amount: 15 cotton bolls per bag
Case Option: 12 bags of 15 cotton bolls sold as a discount case


Cotton Type: Delta Pine Cotton Bolls

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