Natural Raffia - Large Bags

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Options: Case of 10 Bunches - Red
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Natural Raffia Bunches
Natural Raffia is a great way to wrap gifts, floral arrangements, and country decorations. Our natural raffia also comes dyed in a variety of colors for you to use for whatever your situation calls for.  Tie some natural raffia around flowers bouquets, wheat, or corn stalks. Create a colored raffia bow for your holiday wreaths. Top off a pumpkin for Halloween with some decorative raffia. Tie red and green raffia around the Christmas presents this year.  Use some more green raffia to decorate for St. Patrick day.  Use some black raffia to hang and help scare trick or treaters at this Halloween. Whatever you use it for it will come in handy for all your craft projects.


Product: Natural Raffia - large bags
Natural Raffia Size: 11oz bundle
Length: about 36 inch long
Colored Raffia Size: 11oz bundle
Colored Raffia Colors: Natural Tan, Red, Chartreuse Green
Case Option: Buy a full case of 10 or 20 bunches of Raffia and Save even More!

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