Okra Pods Stemmed - Natural

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Okra Pods on stems
Okra is also known as 'Lady's fingers' or 'Gumbo'. The Okra plant is prized for its seed pods. We are happy to be able to offer naturally beautiful dried okra pods for your home and office decorating needs. Okra pods are also widely used for crafting projects. Our bunches of 12 okra pods have been dried and stemmed for convenience in adding to floral displays, wreaths, swags, garlands and other dried decor arrangements. Okra pods can also be snipped from their stems and painted or decorated for used as ornaments and for other crafting projects. Often Okra pods are used to make angels or Santa Clauses, little dolls or sweet fairies. Try some of these dried okra pods in your arrangements. You will love the look they give.


Product: Okra Pods on stem
Amount: about 8-12 stems per bunch 
Note: (please call or email to know stem count for sure)
Length: 12-18 inches tall
Width: about 1 inch
Color:  Natural
Case Option: Buy a case dried Okra pod bunches sold at bulk price and save big!


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