Ostrich Feathers - White Wing Plumes

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Ostrich feathers - wing feathers
Ostrich plumes are also called Ostrich wing feathers. Ostrich plumes are still popular on hats and clothing, as well as centerpieces, costumes, feather pens, decorations, feather fans, high fashion, and much more. Our ostrich feathers are clean, sterilized and ready to be used in your projects whatever they are.  They are beautiful and you will love the results of using them.  We Guarantee it!


Product: Ostrich Wing Feathers
Colors: White
Size: 7-10 inches long
Amount: 6 feathers per bunch
Type: Clean and ready to use

Other names: White ostrich feathers, black ostrich feathers, ostrich feathers wholesale, ostrich feathers for sale, blue ostrich feathers, bulk ostrich feathers, buy ostrich feathers

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