Peacock Eye Feathers

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Natural Peacock Eye Feathers
Peacock feathers are so beautiful.  They have eyes that stare back at you and capture your attention.  These Male Peacock feathers measure 25-35 inch in length.  This size give you so many possibilities to us them full length or even trim the feathers to the size you would like with just a normal scissors. Peacock feathers have long been used in jewelry and as a colorful addition to hats and shoes.  Peacock feathers are also used on clothing and costumes.  Their iridescence is elegant under night lights. Peacock feathers are also a distinctive addition to floral arrangements.  They add color and interest, as well as height and a foca point. Peacock feathers are a popular feather when used in hair extensions because of their shimmering iridescence. Whether using peacock feathers as an accessory or in an arrangement, you will find that our peacock feathers are just what you have been looking for. Try standing them in  a tall vase, Add them to dried flower arrangements, press them behind glass in a beautiful picture frame. There are so many more options!


Product: Peacock Eye Feathers
Amount: 10 peacock feathers per bunch
Type: Natural feathers
Short Length: 12 inches (includes the stem)
Long Length:  30-35 inches (includes the stem)
Long lasting: Looks beautiful for years

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