Pine Cones & Dried Pods

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Pine Cones and Dried Pods
This all natural assorted box of Pine cones, dried pods and gourds makes a wonderful combination of nature to bring indoors. A bowl full of pine cones and dried pods is an interesting focal point for a coffee table or curio shelf. The combination of colors, textures and shapes adds interest to this fun potpourri. Each box of pine cones and dried pods is unique, just as all of nature is unique. The combination of pine cones and dried pods can be used as is, or individually added to wreathes, garlands, swags, flower arrangements or other natural decor. The pods and cones are cleaned and pest free, ready to be used indoors. Each pine cone, gourd and dried pod could be used individually as an ornament for a natural themed Christmas tree. The pine cones, pods and gourds can be placed in a clear vase or an open bowl or basket for a stunning centerpiece. Pine Cones, Dried Pods and Gourds are naturally scented. Aromatic oils can be added, a few drops to the natural pine cones, to make this potpourri an aromatic potpourri as well.  Bring home some pine cones and dried pods today.


Product: Box of 50, assorted pine cones, lotus pods, bell cups, gourds
Size: variety of sizes
Color: Variety of natural colors
Amount: Box of 50 items

One box of pine cones and pods pictured.


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