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Preserved Eucalyptus branches and leaves
One of the most used plants by florists. These eucalyptus branches have been preserved and are sturdy and not over dried. They will look good and last a long time in any floral arrangement. If you have not tried putting Eucalyptus together with a dried or fresh flower arrangement then you really should try it. Eucalyptus makes beautiful arrangements that are majestic and great smelling too.

* Eucalyptus is fresh cut; shipping can take up to 2-4 weeks after order is placed.

Product: Preserved Eucalyptus
Size: 8 oz bunch - One Eucalyptus Harvest bunch pictured
Branches: 3-4 stems
Season for Fragrance: Most Fragrant August-Sept, Oct - Feb is least fragrant, Mar - July is Middle Fragrant. 
Color: Harvest
Length: 25-30 inches
Case Option: Buy a full case of Eucalyptus and Save Even More!

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