Preserved Quince Slices - Decorative Bael Nuts

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Decorative Quince Slices
Quince is a fruit related to both apples and pears.  The ripe fruit is a bright golden yellow, and is non-symmetrically pear shaped.
Quince adds incredible color to wreaths, potpourri dishes, swags, cornucopias and to any dried bouquets.  A large bowl or glass decanter filled with quince slices, dried pomegranates and dried artichokes makes a wonderful mélange to rouse the senses.
However you choose to use these wonderful quince slices, your home or office décor will be greatly enhanced.

Product: Dried Quince Slices
Quantity: 15-20 Slices per bag
Grade A: Slices are hand picked to be best we have.
Grade B: Slices are likely not whole, or excessively curly, or have other gaps or breaks. They are ideal for projects where the slices need not be perfect or are going to be broken anyway.
Size: 2-4 inches in diameter
Case Size: Buy a full case of quince slices and save even more! (Bulk Discount)


Also called: Bael nuts, Bail nut,  Quince slice


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