Preserved Reindeer Moss - Dried

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Preserved Reindeer Moss - Large Bag
Reindeer or Caribou moss as it is often called is a lichen used extensively in floral and other dried decor arrangements.  Although Reindeer and Caribou use this lichen as a staple part of their diet, this lichen is also a staple part of a florists repertoire.  This beautiful Reindeer moss is extensively branched, and grayish green, whitish green or brownish gray green in its natural state.  This beautiful lichen is often used as decoration imbedded inside glass windows. Our Reindeer moss is preserved for used in many home and office décor displays.  Reindeer moss can be tucked around the base of potted plants as a lovely decoration that helps hold moisture in the soil.  Reindeer or Caribou moss also makes a wonderful filler on wreaths and topiaries.   Reindeer moss is interesting enough and beautiful enough to fill a bowl or clear jar with to add a tranquil natural ambiance to a room. Bring some of Earth’s natural mosses into your arrangement with Reindeer moss. Reindeer moss is great for covering the foundation of your arrangements, as bowl filler, and arts and craft projects. The quality of Reindeer moss is sure to please everyone that sees it.

Product: Preserved Reindeer Moss
Moss dimensions in Bag: 9"x 8"x 3"
Amount: 4 oz Large Bag 
Color: Spring Green (Main Image), (Images below) Gold, Lavender, Red, Light Green, Natural
Case: Case size is 12 bags

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