Strobus Natural Pine Cones (White Pine Cones)

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Strobus Natural Pine Cones:
These Strobus Natural Pine Cones are perfect for any craft, wreath, art project or decoration that you're working on. These pine cones have a more elongated look than many of our other pine cones and range between 4" and 6". These would make a great decoration for the holiday season by simply adding them to a decorative bowl, either alone or with other holiday items, and used as a centerpiece for your dining room table or in your office. These would look great placed in the boughs of your Christmas Tree or added to your favorite wreath. Make sure you try some of these unique pine cones today,  we know you will love them!

Product: Strobus Natural Pine Cones
Amount: 50 pine cones per box
Cone Width: about 1-2 inch wide cone
Cone Length: 4-6" long
Color: Natural Light brown
Case Option: Buy a full case of 350 cones and save even more!


Other names: White Pine cones, White strobus cones

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