Ting Ting Decorative Sheaf Centerpiece

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Options: Case of 10 bunches
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Ting Ting Decorative Sheaf Centerpiece

Our large, ting ting sheaf centerpiece will stand alone for a quick, ready-made centerpiece that needs nothing more to enhance its simple elegance. Simply remove the Mylar sleeve and bottom band (placed for shipping protection), and give the centerpiece a gentle twist. It will fan out to give a base for standing and make an elegant bouquet. The Sheaf is suitable for centerpieces or for a display on a table, shelf, desk or curio. The large ting ting bunch also does very well when placed in a vase or other container. The ting ting will stay bright and as beautiful as the day it was harvested for years to come, placed in a dry, pest free area. Bring the elegance and bounty of the out of doors into your environment with a large ting ting sheaf set on display for all to enjoy. Use by itself, or added together with other grains, dried flowers or leaves, a wheat bouquet will bring beauty to a home, office, party, reception or wedding, no matter what the season.


Product: Straight Ting Ting Decorative Sheaf Centerpiece
Length: 38 inches tall (3+ ft)
Color: natural tan brown color
Type: Large centerpiece
Case Option: Buy a full case of 10 centerpieces and save even more!

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