Decorating with Dried Wheat

Wheat is one of those iconic crops- amber waves of grain, glistening in the summer sun as their ripe heads get heavy with the grain that will become so many of our favorite foods. Looking at bouquets of wheat makes me think of summer sunshine, lemonade, and playing outdoors-- all of my favorite things.

Did you know that there are six main classes of wheat grown in America? Each of them have different uses, and each of them look a little bit different as they are growing. We carry most of these varieties as dried wheat bunches in our store.

Wheat can be cut early as well and will dry green to give it a whole different look. There's a type of wheat for every occasion.

Because wheat is so tall, naturally dried to last for years, and has sturdy stems, it makes a great addition to all kinds of dried flower arrangements. Wheat and wildflower bouquets add charm to any space, and can also be used as wedding bouquets for a country-loving bride.

You can make your own custom wheat and dried flower bouquets, or you can choose from our handmade finished bouquets that are sent ready to display in just a few days.

Wheat stalks can be woven together or braided to make many various crafts. Simply soak the stalks in a bucket of water for a few hours to mak the stems pliable, then allow your finished project to dry completely. Many cultures around the world have perfected this type of handicraft.

Woven Wheat Inspiration from Pinterest

Thanksgiving and the Autumn months are so fun to decorate for, and wheat makes a stunning addition to any centerpiece, tablescape, sideboard, or living room decor.

Wheat Centerpiece Inspiration from Pinterest

If you want to make a really big impression, add a stunning wheat wreath to your home decor. Dried wheat wreaths will last season after season if they are kept from moisture and direct sunlight, so you can use them year after year in summer and fall on doors and walls.

No matter what season it is or how you use it, dried wheat will add a touch of natural beauty to your event, home, or party.

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