Use lavender to create beauty and serenity

Lavender is one of the most widely cultivated and used plants.  It's a herbaceous plant in the mint family, so like many members of the mint family, it is heavenly scented and is prized for its aromatic oil.  Herbalists utilize lavender for its medicinal properties to calm the mind and mind.  Lavender is even edible, both the flowers and the leaves.  From culinary to decorative pursuits, we reach for this humble plant as a key ingredient.  

It's no surprise that lavender flower is a perennial favorite for decorating.  It adds warmth as it transports you to a lavender field on a sunny day.  It gives you a splash of gentle color so unique that we named a color after the plant.  And, it imparts a calming fragrance that permeates the room helping you relax.

Lavender flowers are easy to use in bundles, wreaths, petals or just a single one of them, as you will see in the following inspirations. Our preserved lavenders come from small farms in Washington.  They are harvested at the height of their blooms and preserved out of the elements to ensure its quality and longevity.  

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