What to know about tumbleweeds and how to decor with them

When you think of tumbleweeds, you probably think of desert plains, cowboys, and Western movies.

Tumbleweeds aren't gathered detritus but instead they were once living, flowering plants. So what exactly are they?

They are an annual plants that break off at the stem base when they die.  The entire mound shaped dried plants literally tumble in the wind, dispersing seeds wherever the wind takes them.

Despite the tumbleweed's association with the American West, these plants did not originate in North America. Instead, these plants came across the Atlantic from Russia. 

Nowadays, active tumbleweed plants can grow up to three feet tall. They produce red and purple stems along with flowers when it comes time for them to pollinate. What's more, these plants do not require a significant amount of water, allowing them to thrive in hot, dry settings.

They are great for creating a rustic and slightly wild ambiance in your space.  Use them on walls, create tumbleweed pendants, or dye them into more festive colors. They will stand out and be perfect focal points of your space, as you can see below.  

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Our tumbleweeds are foraged by hand in the fields out West and carefully stored and shipped to your destination.  They are the real deal!

 Gigantic country Tumbleweed HERE

  Large country Tumbleweed HERE

 Baby Tumbleweed HERE

Gigantic western Tumbleweed HERE

Mechanically Separated Tumbleweed Parts HERE



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