Cotton Boll Wreath

Cotton Boll Wreath

We recently added some new products to our website. One of the more unique, cool and pre-made items that we added was the above Cotton Boll Wreath

This is the perfect item to bring a rustic or country feeling to your home. This wreath is made for you so all you have to do is simply remove it from the box and you've got a ready made, one of a kind wreath.

It would look great above your fireplace or along the hallways at home or on the wall (or your door) of your office.

It really would be a stand out decoration wherever you decided to place it. Here's another look at it...

While we think this is a 'can't be beat' product, We understand that there are a lot of people out there that prefer to decorate with items that they themselves created. It add that personal touch and can be a cheaper option for those trying to stick to a budget.

So when we saw a DIY cotton boll wreath on We thought it would be a great addition to our blog.

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While this wreath was created from faux cotton bolls. We think using the real thing is always the better route.

Items you will need:

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If you are using cotton stalks, cut the cotton from the stalk. Using floral wire or hot glue attach your cotton bolls around the wreath, making sure they are securely attached. You can choose to leave your wreath as sparse or full as you want.

Then simply add your bow wherever you're going to place it, and - voila!

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Whether you decide to create your own cotton boll wreath and put your own creative personal touches to it.

Or, you decide to order ours for the simplicity of having the decoration ready to be put on the wall right out of the box.

Either way we know you will love your cotton boll wreath.

We always love to see pictures of our customers recreations. Send us your pictures and we might feature your in an upcoming blogpost.

Email pictures to

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