Best Branches for Winter Decorating

Searching on Pinterest for ideas for after-the-Holidays Winter Decorating, I’ve noticed that most of the ideas shown include a vase, antique water pitcher, galvanized bucket, wooden crate, etc. with some bare branches artfully arranged in it.  I don’t know about you, but all winter long where we are it is way too cold and snowy to go out hunting for the perfect branches to cut and bring inside to decorate with.  Also, we live in an area where there aren’t really any wild trees, and I’m pretty sure my neighbors would be upset with me if I trimmed some branches off of theirs.  Haha.

So here’s a better option– much warmer, and much happier neighbors: buy branches online from  There are so many different styles to choose from– some are all natural, some are embellished with faux ice crystals or berries, some are sandblasted to make them smooth and white, some are painted.  Browse through them and find the perfect branches for your container– they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and heights.  All of the details and measurements are found on the product pages.

Here are a few of my favorite decorative branches for Winter:

Silver Dried Deco Branches

Dried Deco Branch - Silver 3-4ft

Mitsumata Branches

Mitsumata Branches 4' decorative branches for sale

Sweet Huck Branches – Fire Red

Sweet Huck Branches - Fire Red Huge 8oz Huckleberry bunch

Decorative Birch Branches

Decorative Birch Branches For Sale

Ice Crystal Birch Branches

Ice Crystal Birch Branches

Dark Curly Willow

Dark Curly Willow (Weddings, Events, Centerpieces)

Find more options in our store by clicking here: Decorative Branches

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