Winter Decorating

When all of the Christmas Holiday decorations come down the house can start looking really blank….  it’s kind of sad when there are no more sparkling lights on a Christmas Tree, or glittery signs and ornaments around.  The months between the winter holidays and the return of life in spring, at least in Utah where we live, can seem to stretch out and last forever with lots of snow and cold and little else to look at.  So, I always try to fill the house with some fun and classy winter decorations.  Shown here is a quick snapshot of the main living space with it’s new winter makeover.

Winter Decorating

A few products from are shown here, including Ice Crystal Birch, a giant Sugar Pine Cone, and a Birch Firewood Bundle.

The firewood bundle is my favorite way of making the house look cozy and warm!

White Birch Firewood Bundle - DecorativeSugar Pine Cones - Very Long Pine conesIce Crystal Birch Branches

Get some of these natural products to decorate your home for the winter!

Winter decorating