Embrace the Beauty of Seteria

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If you are looking for a product that effortlessly captures the essence of the start of summer, look no further than Seteria. Dried and delicately preserved, Seteria is a captivating plant that not only adds a touch of natural beauty to any space but also serves as a versatile centerpiece for creating unique and stunning decor arrangements. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating characteristics of Seteria and offer some inspired ideas for incorporating it into your home decor this June.


Seteria, also known as Foxtail Millet or Bristlegrass, is a member of the Poaceae family. This tall, slender grass species is revered for its unique inflorescence. It has fluffy, feathery plumes that create a captivating visual impact. The dried form of Seteria showcases the plant's exquisite detail and texture, making it an ideal decorative element for transitional home accents. Additionally, we offer our seteria in 5 different colors that match any decor style.


When it comes to incorporating Seteria into your decor, the possibilities are endless!

  • Combine the airy plumes of Seteria with the elegant, feathery fronds of Pampas Grass to create a rustic yet sophisticated ambiance.
  • Embrace the natural tones of Seteria by pairing it with dried Wheat stalks. 
  • Combine the delicate beauty of Seteria with the soothing fragrance of dried Lavender to create a serene and calming ambiance. Be sure to shop our collection of lavender to make a relaxing pairing.
  • Infuse a touch of bohemian chic into your decor by pairing Seteria with dried Eucalyptus branches. 
  • Keep your decor simple by proudly displaying seteria on their own in a bamboo vase



As we transition from spring to summer, Seteria emerges as a remarkable decor piece that captures the essence of this beautiful time of year.  Be sure to embrace the unique charm of Seteria and let your creativity bloom as you experiment with various pairings and arrangements.


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