Kathryn's Wedding

Customer Photo’s

Here at Dried Decor, we love it when customers send us pictures of the things that they’ve created with our products. Our customers are so creative and often times people will call and try to explain what it is they’re making to us, but the finished product never ceases to amaze all of us here.

We recently received photo’s from our customer, Kathryn, who used our products in her wedding and the pictures were absolutely stunning! She did such a great job building an archway to be the beautiful backdrop to her photos and her flower girls were so cute with their lavender bouquets. What an amazing job, Kathryn! Great work!







Kathryn created her archway by purchasing:

2 x Pink Larkspur


1 x White Larkspur

3 x Santa Cruz Oregano

2 x Caspia

2 x Summer Ice Bouquet

 And her flower girls got an adorable bouquet, perfect for little hands by purchasing:

1 x French (grosso) lavender

We would love to see our products in pictures from your wedding and you could be featured on our blog!

Congratulations, Jack & Kathryn (8.14.16)


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