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Coachella is next month and with that starts the beginning of the summer concerts. Coachella is a large music festival that takes place in California and is just one of a very long list of music festivals. People travel from all over to attend these multiple day events and fashion has become one of the biggest parts of these festivals. Young adults plan for weeks ahead about what they’re going to wear, and the number one biggest fashion trend at these festivals is the ‘flower crown.’

Everyone wants to have that boho, hippie chic look and wearing a flower crown is sure to have you fitting right in with the other attenders.


The problem is that a fresh flower crown is only going to be able to be worn for a day or 2 before wilting. Sure silk flowers are one option to keep the bright colors but silk flowers are not only expensive, they’re fake. And most of the time, they look fake.

Solution? Flower crowns made from beautifully preserved dried flowers.

Our flowers have been professionally dried to keep their color and shape.

Making your own DIY flower crown is not only a cheaper route, but you will have a flower crown that will last you indefinitely.

LotusFloralArt on Etsy

Flower crowns have also become big in the wedding industry and will be a perfect touch to any boho themed wedding.


There are a few different techniques you can use to to make your flower crown, it just depends on the look and fit that you want in your headpiece.

The first option is to use an old plastic headband and hot glue the flowers directly to that, similar to this tutorial from howtohairgirl.com

Or the second method uses floral wire and floral tape and is a little bit more in depth, but lays around your head instead of on top like a headband. Like the tutorial on marthastewartweddings.com


Both options will give you a beautiful flowered crown that will be the perfect accessory to your (or your granddaughters, daughters, sisters, nieces etc.) music festival wardrobe or wedding.

Whether you’re looking for brightly colored flowers or neutral colors, we’re sure to have something to fit your needs. Here is a list of flowers that we think would be great options to put on a flower crown this spring.

Stardust Gypsophila

Super Blue Lavender

Green Beardless Wheat

White Ammobium

Globe Amaranth – Also available in Purple and Red



Eucalyptus – Also available in Red, Green, Kiwi Green

But we have endless options of flowers and colors to fit your needs. Check out our website to find the perfect fit.


Have you ever made a flower crown? Did you use fresh or dried flowers? Was it for a special occasion? Send us your pictures of your creations and you could be featured on our blog.

Email us at info@curiouscountrycreations.com

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