Wedding With Baby's Breath

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath, in the past, has been used as a staple in rustic or country themed weddings. Lately though, more and more brides are catching on and using baby’s breath to help decorate their weddings no matter what their theme or location may be.

You can use babe’s breath in so many different ways! Its a small, delicate flower and is a staple in the floral industry. Many know it as a perfect “filler” flower in bouquets and arrangements, but it can also make a beautiful statement as a focal point.

Here are some of our favorite ways that you can use baby’s breath in your upcoming nuptials.

Arches, Altars & Backdrops:

A beautiful way to create a perfect backdrop for all the pictures that will be taken on your special day.
Creating a beautiful white arch to stand under as you give your vows would be a classic addition. With a neutral color, baby’s breath will look breathtaking inside or outside.


Decorating your aisle with baby’s breath is a beautiful, natural addition.

Lining your walkway is very easily customized to your wedding theme and colors by simply changing the item the baby’s breath is in.
Also – the colors of chairs and decorations around the baby’s breath very simply change the feeling.



Putting baby’s breath in a container with water is a simple, yet elegant, reception centerpiece option.
Adding baby’s breath around some lit candles will give your wedding a classy, romantic ambience.

Receptions & Decorations:

Our dried baby’s breath has been professionally dried to last and look beautiful. You can make your arrangements, bouquets, and decorations ahead of time and not worry about the flowers wilting or looking any less than beautiful on your big day.

At Dried Decor, we have multiple options of different colors and styles of baby’s breath. Here’s a list of our baby’s breath products.







Champagne Sparkle



Gold Sparkle



White Sparkle



Silver Sparkle

We also have Broom Bloom flowers that are almost identical to baby’s breath. Available in colors red, autumn, basil green, emerald green, orange, yellow and rust available here: Dried Broom Bloom

What do you think about using baby’s breath in weddings? Do you think its best used in rustic weddings? Or do you think baby’s breath looks great no matter what the theme?

Comment and let us know, and show us pictures of how you’ve used Dried Baby’s Breath in your wedding.

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